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Main » 2011 » August » 30 » Fiverr Gig Of The Week - Won By portron
10:55 AM
Fiverr Gig Of The Week - Won By portron
Gig of The Week:
Every week here on FiverrFreak, we post a "Gig of The Week" that are usually cream of the crop gigs found on Fiverr. The winner gigs are usually chosen because they are guaranteed money makers or really creative and intuitive.  

This week's Gig of The Week is quite interesting. It is won by a user named "portron." As you can see, he has made over 2000 orders, and there are still several orders in queue. This is a colossal number of orders to receive, you can only imagine the several thousands he has already made.

portron offers a SEO service (Search Engine Optimization) where he makes back-links  using professional pay-ware software, called Xrumer. Xrumer is a Russian program which submits mostly thousands of spam forum posts with a website link in order to gain that website more higher rankings on search result pages, as well as serving it more traffic. It also has the ability to create fake mail.ru and even Gmail accounts, even equipped with an automatic Captcha filling system. 

What makes this gig particularly interesting is the fact that he still is getting many orders. What this means is that there is a continuous demand for these types of services. So if you are capable of doing a similar gig (and are knowledgeable in SEO back-linking) post a similar gig, and you should get results. Give us a shout if you try it out - we might feature you! Also, Happy Selling!

Here is a screenshot of the gig:

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I would love to make several thousand dollars on Fiverr! Good on the guy for achieving that.

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