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Main » 2011 » September » 3 » FIRST BLOG! Getting Featured on Fiverr
7:58 AM
FIRST BLOG! Getting Featured on Fiverr
Hi to all of you FiverrFreakers (Is that a word??) out there! 

This post will be our first blog post, and will be about getting featured on Fiverr. In other words, if you are a seller, your gig will have a flashy pink sign over the search result saying "featured." Nice eh? It looks a little like this:

You might ask; "Why is this important?"

Well for a start, it instantly captures the eye of the reader. Secondly, people trust featured sellers on Fiverr more than ordinary sellers (for good reason - they are hand picked by moderators.) Finally, featured gigs always appear at the top of the first page of results when searching.

Getting your gig featured is definitely not easy, and it requires time and patience. But here are some tips that could accelerate you to this special list of gigs in less time:

1. Add a promotional video to your gig description, and mention Fiverr in it lots of times! As a general rule, the more you say it, the better. If you think about it, you will be promoting their site, which will eventually mean more sellers will join their site.

2. Deliver your gig quickly with atomic-clock precise timing! I know delivering gigs quickly is not possible sometimes, but this is a sure fire way to getting featured on Fiverr. You are guaranteed to receive more positive feedback, and better quality feedback too. There is nothing more a fiverr buyer likes than their order being completed quickly.

3. ENSURE that your gig rating is 100% positive feedback and no less. If someone does not like your gig, or you are unable to deliver, offer them extras, or even a refund! Whatever you do, make sure you satisfy them. Positive feedback is extremely important like I said, and it will even help you become a "Top Rated Seller"  in the future! More on that later...

4. Use BMD or other bookmarking software to mass submit your Fiverr gig URL to hundreds of bookmarking sites. Fiverr moderators always check how much traffic a gig is getting when searching for gigs to put on the featured list. Alternatively, kindly ask each buyer after you have delivered them their order to "like" your gig. Another final way of generating traffic is to promote your gigs on any social networking sites you use such as Facebook or Twitter.

5. Go crazy if you can! If you don't mind acting like a wild dog, then do it! Recently a seller on Fiverr made a gig where he offered to write a sign or logo on his stomach, and then dance around for 30 seconds in front of the camera. He received over 170 orders in two days! You don't have to do something as crazy as this, but be creative. If you have a hamster, put on it a funny costume and make it eat a piece of lettuce with a sign or logo on it. And then time lapse the video. A guaranteed earner! 

That is it for today folks. I hope you enjoyed this blog, and remember to stay tuned for more exciting news, tips and ideas to enhance your Fiverr lifestyle! 

Psst! The news is that we have started a forum; we are currently looking for active users, and moderators to add some spice to the place. If you have some time on your hands, and would like to become a key part of the building blocks of the FiverrFreak community, then sign up! Register on the forum, and then use the contact us feature (on the menu) and tell us why you think you would be suited to this position very briefly. Goodbye!
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