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Fiverr is a website where normal people like you and me (and aliens) offer simple services or jobs referred to as gigs. Each gig to purchase costs $5, and this is a fixed price across the entire site. However, buyers are required to pay in advance for their purchased gigs. 

The website is divided into 14 main categories including Graphics, Video, Social Marketing, Advertising, Writing, Technology, Business, Silly Stuff and many others. Much like eBay, there is a basic feedback system where sellers are rated upon their performance by the buyers who purchase their gigs. Gig offerers are given either "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" rating along with a comment. These ratings can be seen when potential customers are considering buying the gig.

Ok, so we have explained to you the basics. Now let's get on to the stuff that is more relevant and interesting to you:

Can Anybody Join Fiverr?
The answer in short is YES. There are no previous experience requirements at all, and there is absolutely no upfront cost whatsoever. When I first joined Fiverr, I too was sceptical about how it seemed - A Way to earn money ONLINE with no upfront payment? I simply couldn't believe it.  

How Do I Get Paid?

After successfully receiving one order from a someone, you must complete their order and do the job you offered to do in your gig description. This must be completed in the time frame you set in your gig settings - you cannot let the order become overdue even by a hour - otherwise your order will be cancelled and the buyer will be refunded. Note that the time frame is completely up to you on what you want it to be - it can range from 1 day to over 20 days. Keep in mind gigs that have shorter turn around times (in the order of a few days) sell much better!

Now you have completed your gig! The seller may or may not review your order. If he or she does, then a 14 day clearing period starts. If they don't, you must wait 3 more days in addition to the 14 days for the gig to be auto marked as "complete". After this time has passed, you are free to withdraw your money to a PayPal account, or use it to purchase gigs off the site.

Now even though the site is called Fiverr, you only get paid $4 per order if you are selling. One dollar is taken by the website as commission. Don't let the waiting time and the commission discourage you, you quickly become accustomed to it once you start selling several gigs; thereby creating yourself a steady small cash flow.

OK, enough with the reading, I want to get started!

Phew! Thank god that was over.

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