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You have made your profile, uploaded at least a few different gigs, waited a few days and yet nothing is happening. Just one piece of advice: "DO NOT Despair!!" Here on this page, we have outlined the 4 Rules to Getting Fiverr Gig Orders - pretty much as important as the 11 Secret Herbs and Spices that KFC have devised. Only this is more useful for your pocket rather than your tummy!

Rule 1: ALWAYS Try and Add a Gig Video
If you can push yourself that little bit further to make a gig video, it will make day and night difference to the number of orders you will receive. Gig videos make your customers believe much more in your product/gig, and you will even earn a bit of their trust. They are more likely to believe that you will deliver what you promised if they know you have gone to the lengths to produce a video.

When you make a gig video, it first has to be manually approved by one of the many site moderators. One of the requirements for producing a gig video is that you MUST mention Fiverr in it at least once. It has in fact been proven by other users on Fiverr that the more times you mention Fiverr on your video, the more likely it will be at the top of the queue on any given results page. (After all, they are getting more free advertising!)

If you are going to make your gig video, be creative! Dress up into a silly costume (even if it has nothing to do with your gig), be charismatic, be BOLD and CONFIDENT, and even be humorous if you can! In the end, the more the potential customers like your video, the more they will become attached to you and trust you. Then the more likely they are to purchase your gig.

Rule 2: Pick an Interesting and Eye-Catching Title
"I will do graphic design for $5." Unless you are some super hero, you are not going to get many orders (if any!) with that sort of dead and boring title. Instead, something like: "I will create your a MASTERPIECE Logo For Your Site for $5" is going to sell much better. Notice how I used the word masterpiece all in caps-lock? Fiverr allows you to capitalize ONLY one word of your gig title. So make sure you capitalize only the most meaningful word in your title. 

Also, try and use "in 24 hours" in your gig title when possible. Buyers love fast turnarounds for their orders, if someone is offering the same service as you and provided you both have positive feedback, buyers are much more likely to pick your service instead of the competition. 

Rule 3: Have the BEST Description
When it comes to writing descriptions, use ALL of your space. (Not even a few characters less.) Now this page may starting to sound like the Fiverr Secret Service (if there even is such thing!), but take my words as useful advice. In my days using Fiverr, I have noticed that those gigs with only 2 sentences or less almost NEVER sell even ONCE. Let's take a look:

As you can see, both of the pictured gigs are offering the same service. The one on the top however, is marketed much more poorly, and has a let-down title. The description is also of very, very poor quality. 

Compare this gig to the other one below, and well let's be honest it looks like a bag full of rocks next to a bag full of gold. 

Rule 4: Always Have More Than One Gig!
The maximum number of gigs you can put up at any one time is 20. Now putting up that many would be a bit crazy (spend your time elsewhere!) but having at least a few gigs is ESSENTIAL. If you only have one gig, you are simply not putting yourself in a position to gain maximum profits. 

You have to be creative enough to think of some other gigs. Spend some time sitting down and wondering what you are good at. Or simply decide to go the crazy route and make your pet eat messages or write text on your chest (you must do it on boobs or abs to make it sell.) Remember that the gig sitting there receiving just one order a week is bringing in $16 a month, and almost $200 a year. Which will all add up to your total as a Fiverr earner.

Remember that traffic to that scrummy gig will also ultimately bring traffic to that other powerful gig!

Rule 4.1: DELIVER The Damn Gig!
I know we promised you it was only 4 rules, but then again if you make your gig look all glittery, attract lots of orders and then don't deliver on your promise, you are going to crash into a mountain. Then that avalanche is going to fall on top of you. Make sure you always deliver on what you promised in your gig description. If you finish this last step (provided you haven't ignored the rest of the stuff on this page that looks like text-duh!) then you are on the road to the riches buddy! And if you do them to perfection, my pet Swan Honest Harry will guarantee that you will be earning around $1200-$2000 a month by just selling Fiverr Gigs!

If you are happy with these tips, shout out a thank you to me by registering on the site. Because no doubt there will be more to come!

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