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Main » 2011 » September » 17 » Fiverr Tips - Dealing with Difficult Customers
12:49 PM
Fiverr Tips - Dealing with Difficult Customers
Ask established seller on Fiverr if they have ever come across a difficult buyer, and the answer will obviously be yes. The experience with this customer could rank from less than joyful all the way to a big pain in the butt!

The most important thing to remember is that how you deal with these customers in the end will potentially determine your feedback for the current order, and possibly even the future success of your gig.

Very rarely have I ever come across a difficult seller, but it has happened. There are some important rules & steps that you must follow and remember when dealing with a difficult customer:

1. The customer is NOT always right. Yes, you heard me. We are assuming that you are dealing with a customer who is pestering you to the world's limits. They either want more work done, or are asking you to do things that aren't outlined in your gig description. Nonetheless, it is WORTH spending more time to tweak their order/product and to make them happy.

2. Feedback is GOLD. Getting that positive feedback should be your ultimate goal, unless you have over 40-50 sales. If you have a small amount of orders, receiving negative feedback will have a dramatic impact on the future of your gig. Customer mentality is to always head for the gig with the highest possible feedback score, even 5% will ultimately make a difference.

3. Fiverr Customer Support: A LAST Resort Do not immediately head over to Fiverr customer support. Make sure you only use this if the buyer is being extremely problematic, and you have already tried to satisfy him at least a couple of times as well as trying to get him to cancel the order and refusing.

I hope these 3 rules will help you function better as a Fiverr power seller, and help you twist yourself out of uneasy situations.

Stay tuned for more!
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1 Dina Eisenberg  
When people are involved, there's always a chance for a misunderstanding or conflict. I'd add these tips to the ones above for working with a challenging client:

1.Understand that the buyer is a newbie to buying online services. They are anxious and may be rude or aggressive out of fear.
Be empathetic and try the buyer the way you'd like to be treated when you are confused. A little tact goes a long way to getting a great review.

2. Set clear expectations. Communicate exactly what you need to begin the Gig and what will happen if you don't receive that information promptly.
You can gently push the responsibility back on your buyer to be prompt and organized.

3. Look at all the options. There probably is a workable solution. Question the buyer for what specifically would make the result better. Offer a limited number of revisions. Use your negotiation and collaboration skills to come to an agreement.

If that doesn't work for you, you're welcome to purchase my Fiverr gig. I'll talk you through a difficult client situation.

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